LunchHorská Food Counter, Thursday 7. 12. 2023
WeightThe name of the food   Student* Full price...
 Potato soup...15,00 CZK25,00 CZKV 
 Beef soup with meat and crumble...15,00 CZK25,00 CZKV 
Speciality of the day
 150 gIndian Vindaloo chicken, jasmine rice...110,00 CZK140,00 CZKV 
Main dishes
 150 gPork roll, bacon dumplings ...101,00 CZK131,00 CZKV 
 150 g Potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat with spinach and fried onions...98,00 CZK128,00 CZKV 
 150 gBaked meatloaf, potato salad...91,00 CZK121,00 CZKV 
Salads and salad plates
 350 gCaesar salad with chicken...95,01 CZK125,00 CZKV 
 350 gGreek salad...85,01 CZK115,00 CZKV 
All stated prices are contractual including VAT. The menu shows the weight of the meat in its raw state, for salads and plates the total weight of the portion.
Change of the menu reserved.
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