LunchTechnical Canteen, Tuesday 23. 4. 2024
WeightThe name of the food   Student* Full price...
 Chicken broth with semolina nightshades...15,00 CZK25,00 CZK
 Peas with toasted mushroom...15,00 CZK25,00 CZK
Main dishes
 150 gMinced sirloin, bread dumplings, cranberries......95,01 CZK123,00 CZK1 
 120 gBaked chicken steak with ham and cheese, fries...104,00 CZK132,00 CZK2 
 150 gTurkey sautA© with leek, steamed rice/fried fries...102,01 CZK130,00 CZK3 
 350 gVegetable salad with grilled turkey breast and mung sprouts...100,00 CZK128,00 CZK
Vegan meals
 350 gThai style vegetables with coconut milk and jasmine rice......101,00 CZK129,00 CZK4 
a la minute
 150 gPork tenderloin with BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries137,01 CZK165,00 CZK5 
 1 pcsDessert with vanilla cream22,00 CZK22,00 CZK
All stated prices are contractual including VAT. The menu shows the weight of the meat in its raw state, for salads and plates the total weight of the portion.
Change of the menu reserved.
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