LunchStudentský dům Canteen, Wednesday 27. 9. 2023
WeightThe name of the food   Student* Full price...
 Broth chicken broth with noodles...15,00 CZK25,00 CZK
 Oyster mushroom soup......15,00 CZK25,00 CZK
Speciality of the day
 300 gMarinated chicken drumsticks, American potatoes, spicy mayonnaise...109,00 CZK139,00 CZK6 
Main dishes
 120 gRoast beef sirloin, cranberries, Viennese dumplings,...101,00 CZK131,00 CZK5 
 120 gChinese noodles with pork and vegetables92,00 CZK122,00 CZK
 350 gBaked potatoes with smoked meat, sterilised cucumber...92,00 CZK122,00 CZK4 
 150 gLive chicken pieces, fried fries, spicy mayonnaise...104,00 CZK134,00 CZK3 
Meals without meat
 350 gSemolina with apples and cottage cheese80,00 CZK110,00 CZK
Vegetarian food
 350 gMexican beans, baguette...83,01 CZK113,00 CZK2 
Cold foods
 300 gChicken breast on vegetable salad...92,00 CZK122,00 CZK
 300 gPlate with Balkan cheese...60,00 CZK90,00 CZK
 1 pcsBishop's sandwich16,00 CZK16,00 CZK
 1 pcsNivacek (savoury pastry)13,00 CZK13,00 CZK
All stated prices are contractual including VAT. The menu shows the weight of the meat in its raw state, for salads and plates the total weight of the portion.
Change of the menu reserved.
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